Flowlife is Sweden’s leading brand in massage and recovery products for personal use. Their products have won several best in tests and are used by both average exercisers and elite athletes. Flowlife’s mission is to create products that provide world-class treatment, while being easy to use and available for everyone.

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Training Equiptment

The flow vision

You flow, we flow, product flow, logistics flow, work flow, life flow – this is how the process looked like when we founded Flowlife. We love flow and want to offer more of it to you.


With those guiding words we are constantly fighting for more flow in every aspect of life!

But what is flow?

You probably recognize the feeling when you’re working on a task that swallows all of your attention… After a while you knock on your phone and acknowledge that time has just flown by. What felt like minutes became hours. For many the concept of “flow” is something abstract and random, but we mean that it’s more accessible than what most would’ve thought.


If you for example exercise, get a good night’s sleep and challenge yourself you will increase your chances of having flow. In addition, these principles can be applied to everything from sports, work and academics.


With a strong conviction of this, we want to provide you with the best solutions to keep you flowin’ in what you do.

And what does Flowlife do?

For example, what does a cordless massage pillow have in common with flow and what we’ve described above?


Well, there’s a pretty simple answer. If you do sports, exercise or simply just move you’ll increase your chances of reaching this stage in different contexts. That’s why we want to provide innovative solutions for you to be able to do sports, exercise or move as often as you can and then have flow in everything else you do!