Lifesmart - Cololight

Smart IoT Game and Home Lighting Products

Cololight make it possible for you to become a lighting designer to create pleasant ambience through a simple smart-phone APP. It can be placed on the table or installed as background wall, suspended ceiling. Its unique functions like changing color with music, voice control bring intelligent playing into lighting system, providing dining, living, game, festival, party and so many other scenes with various experiences.

Choose From 16 Million Colours

16 million colour combinations to choose from, you can create amazing effects that can transform the atmosphere – instantly!

Control From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

No hub is required to use Cololight. Simply control directly through the free app on your mobile device.

Works With Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Seamlessly integrates with your Alexa and Google Assistant devices, so you can conveniently control without having to reach for any device.

More Features

Dynamic Effects and Sound Activated

Colour can intelligently change with music being played to create your own personal light show.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Place on a desk or install onto a wall. The 3-pack & 6-pack both come with a different design of base for you to choose from.

Voice Control

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient home automation.

Control via Smartphone

Instant control from the palm of your hand via the app or control with the touch sensor on the back.

Split and Joint

Straight & precise edges for a seamless connection. Hexagon design with 19 LEDs and no dark areas on the surface.

Low Power Consumption

USB connection, with energy saving low power consumption of 0.3W.