One tiny pod, infinite possibilities

Pivo enables anyone to make high quality, creative content with their smartphone! All Pods rotates 360° degrees and are equipped with AI-powered motion tracking.

Ready, steady, motion track


Smart Tracking
Wherever you go, Pivo follows. Smart Tracking always keeps you in view, so you’ll never walk off screen and ruin another almost-perfect take again. Works in both portrait and landscape mode.


Action Tracking
Select your target and let Pivo do the rest so you never miss out on the action.




Me, myself, and me


Multiply yourself up to 15 times in the same picture or video. Be as many different versions of you as you want to be!

Make your smartphone smarter


Like a cameraman, just way better
Step up your video content and film hands-free and in frame. If your team has their hands full, Pod Black allows you to create content with a small team of one!


The perfect pitch
Record and share dynamic presentations using Pivo Present. Enjoy Auto Tracking while video conferencing on Zoom, Google Meet, or other third-party platforms.


In your control
Step away from your laptop with confidence. Switch between you and the presentation with 4 Present Modes.

Hold your horses!


Horse Tracking
Four different speeds to record every ride without missing a trot.


Auto Zoom
Film up close or ride off into the distance. Pivo will automatically zoom in and out for that seamless shot you’ve been looking for.


Video Call
Show ’em every move. Bring Auto Tracking to your video calls with your instructors while in the arena.