I did not receive all the products I ordered

We apologize for the inconvenience! If you only received parts of your order, first compare what you received with what is on your order confirmation.


If you have not received all your products or have received the wrong products, please let us know which products are missing/incorrect by emailing order@newgendistribution.com.

Can I adjust my order?

If you need to change anything with your order, please contact your sales contact person at Newgen or email order@newgendistribution.com as soon as possible and we will be happy to adjust your order.

How long is the delivery time?

Our goal is always to have your order delivered as fast as possible. Therefore, our delivery time is 5-10 work days.


What are the freight costs and MOQ?

When placing orders at Newgen, please be aware of below regarding freight and MOQ:s.

  • For orders below 5000 SEK/500 EUR, freight will be added to order:
    – Sweden – 100 SEK/11 EUR
    – Norway, Denmark, and Finland – 200 SEK/21 EUR
  • MOQ is based on inner carton qty

For more information, please email order@newgendistribution.com.

Do you ship internationally?

Through our e-commerce site we ship to the following Nordic countries – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.


For other sales and shipping options, please contact your sales contact person at Newgen or email us at order@newgendistribution.com.


What is the RMA/aftersales routine?

All RMA inquiries should be sent to rma@newgendistribution.com.


In order to receive a valid Newgen RMA number, please follow the procedures below:

  • Fill in everything in the Newgen RMA request form (excel) that you should have received from a Newgen representative
  • Send the RMA request form to above email address (rma@newgendistribution.com)
  • Then you will receive a valid Newgen RMA number

When you ship an RMA case/package, please follow the procedures below:

  • Mark package/shipment with Newgen RMA number
  • Package/shipment should include customer receipts for all defect units
  • Unbroken packages will not be approved as valid RMA unit/units
  • Attach commercial invoice to the shipment that proves you bought the goods from us (only for customers outside EU)

If above routines are not followed Newgen has the right to return/decline the unit/units and these units will there for not be credited.

I have received a damaged item. What do I do?

If you have received a delivery containing damaged items, we apologize for that!


Please contact us by sending us an email at rma@newgendistribution.com, and we will make sure to help you as fast as we can.


Include the following when contacting us:

  • A photo of the damaged products
  • Your order number


Which payment options are accepted?

Svea is our payment partner to provide you a safe and easy-to-use payment solution. Other payment options are negotiated with your sales contact person at Newgen.


Business support

For all queries, please read our FAQ and email us at order@newgendistribution.com.


If you need to make RMA complaint, please email us at rma@newgendistribution.com.


We provide customer support in Swedish and English.