“Our goal was to make it easier to find the hub that suits your need – without compromising on features. When all products have the same high-end specs, you can focus on the ports and extended connectivity you need.”

Our vision

Simplify the USB-C hub category and provide Work-From-Home or On-The-Go extended connectitivy solutions with compromises for mobile computing.


LINQ byELEMENTS timeless minimalistic premium designs made from durable materials are integrated with the latest technologies, providing users with the missing LINQ for optimal connectivity.


We are committed to developing a premium line of hubs and connectivity accessories, all made with a durable and compact 100% recycled aluminum housing. Naturally with top-of-the-line specs at an affordable price.


Honest, best in class, affordable connectivity solutions. Our products are designed in Denmark, Engineered in the Netherlands and made in China under the supervision of our own dedicated development team.